Game Music Composition: Simpson's Hit And Run

Incredibly, creating the rock and metal music compositions for The Simpson's Hit and Run was my second gig in the world of video games.


For this opportunity I have one person to thank...that would  be the one and only Marc Baril. Music composer and photographer extraordinaire.

See his mastery @marc_devinci on Instagram/Facebook et al.

Game Music Composition: Dark Summit

On Dark Summit I composed / produced an array of industrial drum and bass tracks for the XBOX video game 

-Radical Entertainment

Sound design & implementation: Mod Nation Racers

This was actually my favorite game to work on ever as it was THE MOST FUN to create new tracks and dangerous props for! But perhaps my favorite sound design creation was for the  dangerous A.I bots that would attempt to KILL YOU! The implementation pipeline worked incredibly well and was ajoy to work with from start to props to Ben and Kerry for that!

-United Front Games

Sound design & implementation: Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot "Mind Over Mutant" was my 1st gig as a lead sound designer. Freshly out of Vancouver Film School's Audio Post Production Program I began work at Radical under the Direction of Roman Tomazin and with the help of Corey Hawthorne and Marc Baril. Together we delivered the D,M&E for a game released on Wii and PS2...and in ELEVEN LANGUAGES. *shudder*

-Radical Entertainment

Sound design & implementation: Sleeping Dogs

Well...technically when I began on this game it was not yet called "sleeping dogs" :)

My role on this was sound design and implementation. I worked in a few different areas over the 2 years I spent on this game: vehicles, weapons, ADR, Motion capture dia recordings, cut scenes and various demo trailers. Learned a lot on this one!

-United Front Games

Heart Of The Emberstone

As luck would have it, this was my invitation into the world of VR game audio...and WHAT an amazing experience it was to develop the game through the Oculus / vive lens! BIG shout out to Joel Green and the team at Cloudhead Games for entrusting me to step in for Joel, While on board, I created and implemented sound effects, environmental ambiences, temp music and temp DIA. Joel stepped back in and finished the game the following year.

-Cloudhead Games