Classic/Legacy Vimeo reel with some cool stuff!

In this reel you'll find a sampling of my collaborations with clients like Thought Cafe, Telus, Lucas Arts, Mozilla and more...

Dreamalot - Audio Post Production/Mixing

Featuring various selections of my sound design work with Toronto's Thought Cafe Animation Studio.

cinematic sound editing and mixing for visual mediums


This audio production refers to sound effect elements and mixing for film, animation,video games and other visual mediums. Categories like:
- music score
- foley recording
- sound effects creation
- sound effects editing
- game audio asset creation
- voice over casting and recording
- mixdown of all the elements to  stereo and or 5.1 surround

Sound is half the picture.

Allan Levy (yes...dreamalot) is a Vancouver based electronic music artist, music composer for film, animation, games and other visual media.
But is also an audio post production professional with content that has been heard by millions of listeners online partially due to the affiliation with YouTube series "Crash Course" lead by the Vlogbrothers John Green (Bestseller: "The Fault in our Stars") and his brother Hank Green (co creator of VidCon).

Here's a short list of clients that have enlisted that sonic touch:
CBC, Thought Cafe, Activision, Blizzard, United Front Games, Radical Entertainment, Cloudhead Games, Bethesda, Mozilla, Unicef, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Second City Chicago, Telus, Heart And Stroke Foundation, Rick Hansen Foundation, Vancouver 2010 Olympics, City Of Vancouver, David Suzuki Foundation, NHL, Astronaut Chris Hadfield and Disney / Hollywood records...this could keep going!